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Lisa Talley and Zandrea Waldenville
Lisa Talley and Zandrea Waldenville
Learia Group
309 E Main St
Norman, OK 73069
(405) 701-8881
Fax: (405) 701-5060
Lisa (405) 613-3793
Zan (405) 401-0448
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4422 Fountain View, Norman, OK, 4,761 SF, 5 BRs, Roosevelt/NNHS - $849,900

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Listings for Lisa Talley and Zandrea Waldenville

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AddressPriceBRsSQ FeetSchoolsAdditionPosted OnTours
2600 Berry Farm Rd$1,859,000
57,200Rsvlt/NNHSAshton Grove03/27/20144,580
4371 Covington Way$1,695,00055,649Rsvlt/NNHSAshton Grove08/20/20141,632
6151 Blue Hills Lane $890,00055,278Washington/NHSBlue Creek Estates09/11/2014611
4422 Fountain View $849,90054,761Roosevelt/NNHSFountain View09/10/20141,062
4409 Farm Hill Rd $695,00054,068Rsvlt/NNHSFountain View05/30/20142,213
3204 Rolling Woods $599,00043,423Rsvlt/NNHSFountain View05/30/20142,101
4219 Cordova Ct $539,80043,505Roosevelt/NNHSLas Colinas09/08/2014559
4215 Cordova Ct $498,80033,239Roosevelt/NNHSLas Colinas08/21/2014982
1819 Joe Taylor Circle $450,00053,532Monroe/NHSRolling Hills07/29/20142,193
3009 Cordova Ct $448,80032,778Roosevelt/NNHSLas Colinas09/08/2014504
5815 Windstone Dr $410,06042,929MooreWindstone06/11/20142,238
4318 Frontier Trail $395,00042,857MooreWindstone05/30/20141,294
5820 Windstone Dr $335,16042,394MooreWindstone05/30/20141,418
513 Summit View Ct $249,00032,326NormanSummit Lakes06/24/20142,165
1321 Beverly Hills St $225,00032,129Monroe/NHSBerry Estates06/17/20142,625
509 SW 163rd St $157,90031,660MooreStone Meadows02/20/2014
Under Contract
Fountain View Addition $100,00013,000Rsvlt/NNHS 04/23/20137,145
1208 Iowa $76,000
31,134Clvnd/ NNHS SOLD7,629